Did you know . . .

  • A Sport Pilot only needs a valid driver’s license to fly … no other medical necessary
  • Our plane can be used for both light-sport AND private pilot certification
  • Our plane was designed by a disabled person
  • There are scholarships available for people with disabilities to learn to fly
  • Our operation is owned and operated by a disabled pilot

Often times, people with disabilities find that flying is an inaccessible adventure mainly due to the rudder and brake pedals. Hand controls for other aircraft are often cumbersome, expensive, and don’t give the pilot full control of the aircraft at all times. Our airplane is different and makes this a thing of the past …

The Skyarrow is the only airplane in the world that is manufactured with hand-controls integrated into the flight control system.  This allows any pilot to FULLY CONTROL the airplane at all times with only the use of their hands.  Easily removable, the hand-controls can be taken out in a matter of seconds – making it a standard aircraft for those who wish to fly it that way.

Access in and out of the aircraft is also easy due to its tandem high-wing design.  With the wings on top of the airplane, getting in and out is a snap for people who have mobility issues AND those who don’t.  Once in the airplane training is the same for disabled pilots as it is for regular pilots.  With the “driver’s license medical” associated with a sport pilot license, a disabled person doesn’t need to go through the extensive medical testing and waivers associated with the private pilot license.

Should you choose to go on and get your medical for private pilot, the Skyarrow can be used to certify all the way up to private pilot.  It is truly an all-in-one aircraft!

Here is a look at the cockpit with and without hand-controls: