Is this safe?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t. Don’t let the terminology confuse you … “light-sport” is merely a classification term. These are fully certified (by the FAA) aircraft and so is your license. Some of the aircraft designs have been around for decades, but the newer designs employ the latest in materials and avionics. They pass all of the rigorous tests that the FAA demands of every aircraft.

How can I be a pilot in half the time (and half the price)?

This is brand new and we can thank the FAA for thinking smart on this one. Truthfully, most private pilots fly in clear weather during the day and are only taking 1 passenger with them most of the time. You don’t need 40 hours of training to do that! So, they created the new certification of sport pilot to allow people to do what they already were doing. By making the training minimums lower, it dramatically decreased the cost. If you want to fly bigger airplanes at night with more passengers, then you can continue training for higher certifications – but if you don’t – you are no longer forced to spend thousands of dollars in training you may never use.

How much is it REALLY going to cost?

Really, about $3500 (give or take depending on skill). Most sport pilots pass the test with about 20 hours of instructed flight and 5 hours of solo flight and that is what our estimate is based on. FAA minimums are 15 hours instructed and 5 hours of solo.

What airplanes can I fly when I get my license?

Any “Light Sport Aircraft” (LSA). There are over 50 different manufacturers of LSA’s including the “big ones” recently announce by Cessna and Cirrus. These planes are ultra-cheap, ultra-modern aircraft. Find the complete list online here

Can able-bodied persons fly the disabled training airplane?

Sure thing! The hand-controls for the disabled pilots are easily removable in about 4 seconds making the plane standard in flight controls. Of course, if you want to fly with only your hands, you can do that too. There is no law that says you MUST use your feet.

Do I need to pass the written test before I can fly?

Nope! You can learn the ground school simultaneously while doing the flight training with your instructor. The only requirement is that you pass the written test before you take your final test with the FAA examiner. Flight training can and does usually happen from day 1.

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