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Light-Sport Piloting is the latest and greatest thing to come to aviation since GPS.  A new classification of license, the goal is to get more people flying.  At Philly Sport Pilot, we intend to reach that goal.  Here are some of the advantages to Sport Piloting:

  • Get your license in HALF THE TIME – this means HALF THE PRICE of a private pilot license
  • Fly anywhere in the USA – there are no limits as to how far you can fly
  • Affordable Aircraft – all airplanes fly … but Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) fly MUCH cheaper
  • Take anyone with you – you can have 1 passenger anytime
  • Modern Aircraft – LSA’s are all brand new, with the latest avionics
  • Fly solo – once you pass your test, you can fly whenever you want
  • Everything counts – every hour logged during LSA training can be counted towards higher ratings later
  • Cost: approx. $3,500 total (regularly $10,000)


Affordable Flying: Reality

New rules recently passed by the Federal Aviation Administration have dramatically decreased the cost of obtaining a basic pilot’s license.  These rules have created a new license called the Sport Pilot license which requires as little 20 hours of high quality instruction from an FAA certified flight instructor.  The holder of a sport pilot license may fly any light sport aircraft unlimited distances within the United States, in good weather, during daylight hours.

These same new rules have allowed for the certification of a plethora of new modern light sport aircraft.  These aircraft offer state-of-the-art equipment and dramatically lower costs to rent, own, and operate than a traditional plane.


How do I become a sport-pilot?

There are 6 basic steps:

1)  Contact Us – we are here to help.

2)  Learn – you will need to do what is called “ground school”.  We recommend the King Schools program.  This self paced learning kit allows you to study in the comfort of your own home everything necessary to pass your written test.  It even comes with a “pass your test guarantee.”

3)  Written test – The FAA will require you to pass a written (multiple choice) knowledge test anytime before your flight test.  With about 5 hours of preparation, the 20 minute test is a breeze.

4)  Train– get in the airplane and fly.  The FAA requires at least 20 hours of flight training.  Most people take about 25 hours of training before their flight test.

5)  Flight test – go for a 1 hour ride with an FAA examiner and perform a number of basic maneuvers.  If you pass … you are a pilot.

6)  Have fun – take friends and family for rides or just go up alone to enjoy the world from above.   You are now a pilot.  Enjoy your new freedoms.